Wednesday, November 28

Editing Chapter One Again

I feel as though I have written chapter one for this story a hundred times. Probably more realistic that its only been thirty times. Is the beginning any good? Honestly, I don't know. I tried to improve on my hook. I think I did it, but I'm not sure. I believe I made my character more real and I got some fun dialogue going.

More than anything I want someone behind me reading and giving me feedback but I know I just need to finish something first. Right now I'm just trying to finish and polish ten pages. Only three edited so far.

It's been a good writing day. I got my two hours. I need a break. I have been sitting at my computer for a long time and need to stretch. So grateful for my family watching the kids. I have had a lot of writing time today.

Monday, November 26

Twelfth Day: 940

Twelve is my lucky number. Today marks the end of my NaNoWriMo attempts. No, I did not reach the goal of 50,000 words. I kept the steady streak going for nine days. I honestly didn't think I would get past day one so nine days of consistency is a win.

Today marks the end of my first draft. It is the worst first draft I have ever written. It's the entire novel in bullet points. All telling no showing. Passive voice. Choppy scenes. Under developed ideas. I love it! All of it. I can't wait to start editing it.

My first draft is 21,418 words long. Now I get to take these bones of a book and flesh out my story into something real. There are some spots where I can see plot holes and I don't have answers for. I'm not to worried about it. I want to start editing two pages a day. This way I have a chance of finishing my story by August of next year.

My goal is to get on a consistent schedule. I'm praying a lot these days. So much life is in the beginning phases. My writing has improved so much but as writers go I'm still nascent. I'm taking my knowledge to change that. I'm giving myself some time but I hope to be a published author before I'm 30. My original goal was 26 but I'm past that.

Time to edit this novel. To God be the glory.

Sunday, November 25

Eleventh Day: 2909

Over 20,000 words written for the month of November. I wish I had kept up with my writing and gotten more accomplished. 18 out of 20 chapters is outlined. Chapter 16 needs a ton of work. I really want to edit but I'm going to finish this first draft at minimum. Two more chapters to go. Hopefully will finish tomorrow.

Friday, November 23

Tenth Day: 562

I let life take over. I told myself I was to busy and focused on other things. I messed up over a weekend and just lost my groove. Today was more of and organization and update time. I'm set up so I can write on my phone because I have more opportunity to use my phone than my laptop.

As I write this blog my baby is waking up for his nap so I'm going to finish quickly. My marathon has turned into a 5k. My goal right now is to finish the first draft of my novel. I hope it will end up being around 20,000 words. It's not the NaNoWriMo 50,000 but for what I want and what I have put in it's a big accomplishment. Hopefully I can get more focused tomorrow. Not giving up. New goals, and good ones for me. To God be the glory.

Friday, November 9

Nineth Day: 1,702

I'm writing to fast. I just finished chapters 15 and 16 today. I got it all mapped out and I was still short 600 words. I added 100 words here and there. Then 200 words. The last 200 turned into 300  but I finished.

Weekends are the hardest to get my writing in. I did it! Now, I want some dinner.

Thursday, November 8

Eighth Day: 2,258

Wow, I really like my story this time. It's so much better than anything I've written before. I actually love my story. What I wrote today was intense. Chapter 13 was super suspenseful and exciting. Then Chapter 14 was reflective, gave a good backstory, and dove deep into my protagonist.

I can't wait to share my book with others. I hope with what I'm writing that it will glorify God. I need to remember sometimes that I'm writing in the voice of a sixteen year old boy. I had him say, "your mom" in the dialogue. We'll see if it stays. Getting to know his character on such a deep level was really fun. I'm so excited about my story.

Wednesday, November 7

Seventh Day: 1,698

I made it! I'm so glad I got all the words I needed. I'm actually wrapping up chapter 12 tomorrow and starting chapter 13. I can't believe I'm over halfway through the novel and it's only 7 days into NaNoWriMo. I know I'm going to finish before the end of this month. My strategy of writing in bullet points only goes so far.

Be praying as I keep up this pace. I'm worried about getting the words done later this month, but I think it still can be done. Just doing one day at a time and grateful I have done this for an entire week. To God be the glory!