Saturday, October 20

Time is Progress

Only put in thirty minutes today and no writing change. Did research work. I'm exhausted. Kids are sick and I'm not getting much sleep. I'm going to get some now. Goodnight.

Friday, October 19

Page One Complete

I have completed page one! It feels a bit like a cheat because I'm following Your Novel Blueprint, but my page is only 184 words. I wanted to get to 500 words but I was editing so much I only got 340. Editing has been really fun. I'm looking at each sentence as a challenge. Being in active voice, every word serving a purpose, and not dumping information but letting it flow in naturally.

So far so good. I think I'm overthinking some steps so I'm trying to back off and be thoughtful. Once I get into a good routine I'll be ready for NaNoWriMo! I'm so excited. This new draft already has me even more excited for the story. I praise God that he gave me a passion for writing. I hope I can glorify Him with my stories.

Wrote 2 hours today!!!

Thursday, October 18

Over Three Hours

I lost track of how much I truly worked on my writing today. I know at minimum I worked 3 hours. I'm sure it was more but if I don't keep track I have to guess and to be fair I round down.

I revised my first page, made a template, learned strategies to improve the first page, and did lots of research. It was so fun I got lost in the process several times.

Tomorrow I need to prioritize work so I wont write like I did today. Hopefully I can get the work done quickly and get back to my writing. I can't wait. I'm really enjoying my story this time. It's a lot deeper than the first time I wrote it. To God be the glory.

Wednesday, October 17

Loving Every Word

I wrote the first page. It was junk but I got it down. It really turned into the outline of chapter one. I focused on the beginning and making it grab the reader. So far the first sentence has completely changed. I've started the story in the action. I'm getting some terrible trouble to start. Trying to find a way to slip in a sentence that will lead to a pay off later. Also add a short piece that helps the reader care more about the protagonist. Right now I'm working on loving every word of my first page.

My mother-in-law is amazing and has been taking the boys for a couple hours every afternoon allowing me to write and get some work done. I feel so blessed that she's helping me. I'm hoping to be ready in November for National Novel Writing Month. With my moms help I can actually be ready this year.

Writing time today honestly was about an hour. I will do better tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 16

Final Elevator Pitch

After getting professional help I have finally finalized my elevator pitch. From now on if someone asks what I'm writing I can share this snippet.

My story is about is about a high school junior who learns of a computer program that can take away people’s ability to make their own choices. He combats the program and overcomes its designer, whose goal was to create a utopian world void of freewill.

Writing time today was one hour and forty-five minutes. Almost made my two hour goal today. So happy with my progress. To God be the glory!

Monday, October 15

Professional Feedback

This is the coolest thing that has happened to me with my story since being posted on Query Shark. Jerry Jenkins personally responded to my elevator pitch! Part of the Your Novel Blueprint program is some of the bonuses you receive. I got a personalized video giving feedback on my pitch!

After the feedback was given I've already decided to make some changes. One of those changes is that I'm going to make my protagonist 16 instead of 14. He will be a junior instead of a freshman. In the last version of my story it made sense to make him a freshman. In this version it actually makes the story better him being older and in the school longer. Also, it's a better young adult fiction with z 16 year old protagonist.

I would have been writing it all day and editing it but as soon as I was going to review the video and take notes my wifi died. Just died. All day. Whenever I had a chance I checked and it wasn't working. I couldn't load the video using data. It's been pouring rain all day and I can't get the internet to work.

I was literally about to go to bed and I checked the internet one last time. It's Working NOW! UG! At least I'll get a good nights sleep and be ready for tomorrow.

Thorough editing will commence tomorrow. Today... I worked ten minutes due to technically difficulties.

Sunday, October 14

Zero Progress

I can't seem to go to sleep without posting so here's the truth. I didn't do anything for my book today. Just did life stuff with family and that's it. Praying for a better tomorrow.

Writing progress, zero minutes.