Sunday, June 17

2 Hour Challenge Day 106 and 107

Oops. So, I missed a day. I didn't do any writing yesterday. I spent every spare moment yesterday cleaning my house. Why? Because on Monday my apartment will be sprayed for bugs and I have to pull all the furniture away from the walls and take everything out of the kitchen. Nothing was clean to begin with so I have been kicking butt trying to clean up.

Today was Father's Day so I was working hard to make the day special while also cleaning for the bug spraying. I have been very productive in my cleaning... not in my writing.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. The people who are spraying should be coming in the morning. I'm really excited because the bugs have gotten really bad in the apartment. Since we are going to be kicked out of the house for several hours I'm going to try and work on reading and writing a little. Probably not my story but we'll see. 

So this entire blog basically says I have done nothing with my writing this weekend. Sometimes, other things take priority. Like wanting to wake up without itchy bites all over my ankles and wrists as if the bugs are aspiring the be the shackles. I'm glad they are spraying tomorrow.

Friday, June 15

2 Hour Challenge Day 105

My plan today was to call my 35-Word pitch a success and begin working on the new query. That never happened. I spent the whole day taking care of one of the kids. When I did get a break I was cleaning the apartment because I received a notice that pest control is going to spray on Monday. I need them to spray so I have to clean up as much as possible before they come. Motivation was needed for that anyway.

I successfully did nothing for my writing today except think about this blog and beginning the query. I had a free five minutes today that I spent loading up my computer with the intention of starting the query but instead I had to take care of the baby.

Never a dull moment. Writing will become more of a priority in another season of life.

Thursday, June 14

2 Hour Challenge Day 104

So I have only gotten positive feedback from the updated 35-word pitch from yesterday. I shared it with my husband. I was so excited, I was anticipating something positive from him. He's been right with everything so far. Right about where the story started. Right about where the most interesting part of the story began. Right about every suggestion so far. 

After proudly reading it out loud he asked me to read again. Then he asked what a word meant and I was confused because it explained itself in the pitch. I read it again spelling the word that confused him. Then he asked if that was the real struggle of the story. 

I lost it. If he doesn't believe in this rewrite structure then am I just setting myself up for failure again? He's been right about everything. All I wanted was for him to say, "That's great! I love it!" But no, he's double checking if that's truly the stake of the Main Character. 

I'm exhausted. It's been a long day. My husband and I talked it out and he agrees that he likes the new pitch and that new struggle is good. Good... not great, amazing, or I love it. Just good. 

Is that all I am? Just good? I'm done for the night. I'll try to work on the query tomorrow. I'm praying to get feedback saying it's more than good. I'm really trying. I just feel like I suck right now. Good isn't good enough. 

Wednesday, June 13

2 Hour Challenge Day 103

Got more awesome feedback and now this is my 35-word pitch: 

To Niall Lewis, they’re his friends and classmates—but to one mastermind they’re test subjects. At this “school of the future” Niall struggles to find who’s trying to make freewill a thing of the past.

I think this one is the one! What do you think? Time to get married? 

Tuesday, June 12

2 Hour Challenge Day 102

Got some advice from a good friend and changed my 35-word pitch to...

While attending a futuristic school full of holograms and virtual reality, Niall Lewis learns of a brainwashing program being tested on his classmates and he must find the mastermind trying to take everyone’s free will.  

I think this is clearer on time period and less MarySue with the immune bit gone. Any other suggestions? Otherwise, I'm calling it good and moving on to the query. 

Monday, June 11

2 Hour Challenge Day 101

Today I have perfected my 35-word pitch. This is the entire novel in 35 words. For the first time, I'm going to share something about my story on my blog. I have been worried someone might take my ideas, but now that I've written a novel I know that's ridiculous. It's like saying two artists painting the same picture would end up with identical pieces. It's impossible for them to be exactly the same if they work independently of the other. 

Here is my novel in 35 words:

While attending a technologically advanced school, Niall Lewis learns of a brainwashing program being tested on his classmates and being immune he has a chance to stop the mastermind trying to take everyone’s free will.

What do you think? Would love to get your opinion if you are reading. If you like it, why? If you don't like it, why? 

I'm planning on writing a query and the synopsis next. Hoping to get it right this time. To God be the glory as I try this again.  

Sunday, June 10

2 Hour Challenge Day 100

Actually had time to write today! I made a new outline for my story. The one I have been working on for the past three years. I'm planning on rewriting the whole thing. My husband was helping me the whole time. 

I asked my husband to read the new outline. He was inspired to write some ideas down but for some reason, we both agree it's still not perfect. Learning how to make it perfect we disagree on. He thinks we should start writing the new story to let it figure out where it should go so it doesn't come out forced. I want to write a complete synopsis that I can give to someone and they say, "Yes, I have to read this!" and then write the next novel. 

I've done it the way he's suggested and I have a novel that I can't sell. Every time he's suggested something I have been wary of doing it and after months or a year, I learn that he was right all along. It's frustrating that he disagrees with me again. I'm not sure what my next steps should be right now because I want to write the synopsis but I don't want to work for several weeks on it only to go back to his idea. What should I do?